About us

Three Ocious Productors are :

Rafa G. Sanchez, Filmmaker. He studied Image & Sound at Alicante and filmmaking at the film academy of Barcelona. He worked in cinema, advertising and video clips for different producers. Currently he is working freelance. At present Rafa is part of the collective ‘RuntunFilms’ working as director and screenwriter in this context. He joined the project ‘Hydro’ at the end of February 2013 as editor and co-director

Juanpe Gimeno Producer and Sound Engineer, studied Image & Sound and telecommunications engineering developing its facet of live sound technician in parallel working as freelance or as studio technician for  cinema,documentary, advertising and music. He has worked and recorded with Eliades Ochoa,Raimundo Amador, Sazed Ul Alam,Shiv Shankar,Anatholi Bulkin among others.

Xavi Tello, Producer and Director. During the last eight years he has been diving, making music and creating underwater movies. He also is the producer of an Independent Music Documentary. Xavi is working in audiovisuals since 2001. He has been making video & music under Creative Commons licenses since 2004.


Raquel Martín : ArtWorks and Web design

Raúl Pérez Franco : Poster and Press Kit

Fernando Remitente : Spiritual lawyer and music researcher

Maike Sommer: Translation & Text

Ruth Nuñez & Javier Santa Cruz :Philosophical advisors

Contact / Press

Hydro The Film.
Produced by 03

For general inquires, contact hydrothefilm@gmail.com
For sound inquiries, contact ningunapartestudios@gmail.com

Press contact:

Producer Xavi Tello
Phone: +34 679290969