Canadian Premiere : Toronto


Our opening day and its fully FREE. A whole day of great films as part of our opening day celebration! Thanks to the support from the University of Toronto Scarborough, we are able to bring great cinematic works at not cost to our community.
 3 Feature Film and 3 Short Films will play at UTSC on June 2nd.

Hydro The Film
Screenings start at 12pm with “Hydro the Film” (Spain) – North American Premiere, an one hour documentary odyssey into the underwater world. A mesmerizing experience co-Presented with Planet In Focus Environmental Film Festival.
Screening with short film “Now I See” – North American Premiere, from Iran.

Magical River Theatre

Screening at Fiume River - Padova , Italy
9th River Film Festival.
Thanks very much to the people from Padova.
Really great days there ¡

Cinema Theatre

One Year Later...we did it.
21th May 2015 Hydro was screened at a big Cinema.
Now We have our DCP ready ¡¡

Thanks Carmen, Jorge and Panoramis Crew again and all of out people
that came to the cinema to see this underwater trip.

Teatro Mágico Submarino (Spanish Local Contest)

Si encuentras una entrada como esta, y nos escribes antes del 18 de Mayo, podrás asistir a una
experiencia única en los cines Panoramis de Alicante.
Ya que has tenido la curiosidad de entrar en esta página, y has llegado hasta aquí, mandanos una foto con la entrada numerada a
una entrada doble será para ti.


If you find a ticket like this at Alicante before 18th May, write us to to attend an underwater experience at Panoramis cinemas. Two real tickets will be yours.

Indie Production & Distribution Masterclass

Rafa G Sanchez & Xavi Tello at UMH (Spain)
May 2015
Contact Here ¡¡

DCP Cinema Test

Thanks Jorge & Carmen , Panoramis Cinema (Alicante) for the support


Testing 3D Hydro The film. Courtesy of Carmelo Sanz

Attend Radio Station

Our salute to Gestiona Radio Alicante Crew.
Thanks for the invitation to talk in your program.

Why you have to attend a film festival

Thanks Ana, it's great to meet people like you

Night Shot - Hydro Team

04 Maremostra Photocall

pd: thanks Paco, Esther & son, for your warm hospitality.

Cinema Premiere - Cineciutat (Mallorca)

Many Thanks to the people of Cineciutat, Mallorca (Spain),
and all Maremostra Crew