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 Tuesday 27th · 18:30h · "Dauntless Sally" & "Hydro"
Tuesday 27th · 20:30h · "Acqua" & "La Luz de Mafasca"
Wednesday 28th · 18:30h · "Ciudad XXI" y "Alpha"
Wednesday 28th · 20:30h · "Sikitiko - La Mano del Rey" & "Crudo Paraíso"

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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria CC Film Festival

Next 27th October. Free Entrance

Our best wishes for the Festival.
Thanks so much Filippo.
We will meet you next ¡

Prophetic Poster

 Our Telemaco continues his trip

CINECICLETA : The African Tour

Hydro joins CINECICLETA an amazing project to travel around africa with a 
non-electric cinema. Future dates of screening soon.
Our best wishes Carmelo & Isa.