HYDRO the film is an underwater non verbal risky adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey, created thanks to the Internet and the use of collaborative Creative Commons licenses. Included at the genre Non-Verbal Film developed by Ron Fricke (Baraka,1992) ,offers a no-words epic trip, accompanied by sounds and large musical atmospheres. The footage includes recordings of almost all the oceans, lakes and rivers, experimental videos and animation. Produced by Xavi Tello, Juanpe Gimeno and Rafa G. Sanchez, this Epic Odyssey has been possible thanks to footage submitted by 56 filmmakers, and the music of 16 musicians, with the participation of the legendary American band ‘Fugazi’, supporters of the movement DIY (do it yourself)

Time: April, 30th. 16:30 – 17:30
Place: Cine Ciutat. Mallorca (Spain)