We want also thanks to all these  people
who gave us their works but we could not use in this film 

Noam Myr

Andrew Newton

Nicolas Andronowicz

 Reuben Reynoso

 Nolan Grose

Cynthia Hatfield

Patrick Hunka

Ryan Dickey

Ken Pon

 Allen Buckman


 David Haberthür

Michael Hasson

Julia Thrift

 Kim Pimmel

Mark 'Indy' Kochte

Spyridon Pictures



 Clare Pearl

Gregory Grandio

Maya de Almeida

Mark James

Chris Bryan

 Aitor Iturbe


 Charles Pulliam

 Francisco Montero

Juan Luis Gomis

Kris Littlefield

Michael Hasson

Berta Tilmantaite

 Stephanie Ilner

Ale Speranza 

Daniel Maher    

Efrén López

Xavi Ganjam


Alexander Benedik

Wolf Ardnt 

Subin Gabriel Thompson

Juergen Thomas
Freelance Videographer

Titouan MATHIS


Oytun Orgül

Freelance Videographer


...Another project that drew me in was one created by Xavi Tello. HYDRO is a film project that works on the basis of the creative commons license. 57 Filmmakers have been chosen to participate in this production. With material available online, Xavi is attempting to make a nonverbal underwater film with a collection of footage he gathers on the internet. In times of global nomadism a really interesting concept. Check out the webpage for further details and philosophy behind HYDRO.(

Thank you soo much Lisa

Penultimate Last Render

Ending Credits Sequence on process
Thank you all ¡¡

Locations - Production List

Aarhus -Denmark
MUSA, Cancun - Mexico
Maui, Hawai - USA
Caribean Sea - Mexico
Indiana - USA
Sodwana Bay - South Africa
Boston - MA - USA
Nomash River on Vancouver Island – BC - Canada
Nanaimo - British Columbia - USA
Vancouver Island - Canada
Kealakekua – Hawai - USA
Kona – Hawaii -USA
West Covina – California - USA
Some river of Latvia
Washington - USA
Houghton - NY -USA
Forgetmenot Pond – Alberta - USA
Vancouver Aquarium - British Columbia - Canada
Gianutri Island - Italy
Posta Fibreno - Italy
Capo D'Acqua - Italy
Frosinone - Italy
Mediterranean Sea - Italy
The Exploratorium - San Francisco - Usa
Strait of Magellan - Chile
Koh Tao - Thailand
Komodo Island - Indonesia
Mediterranean Sea - Spain
County Meath - Ireland
Davides Reef - Australia
Marsa Alam - Red Sea -Egypt ‎
Skagit City - Washington - USA
Playa Girón - Cuba
Yucatan - Mexico

Orlando - Florida - USA
Vermont - USA
Florida - USA
Grevelingen - Netherlands
Brother Islands – Red Sea
Daedalus Reef  - Red Sea
Cabo de Gata Natural Park - Almeria - Spain
Tubbataha - Philippines
Shanghai - China
Tempe -Arizona - USA
Crescent Bay Beach - Laguna Beach - California - USA
Laguna beach – California - USA
Wood's Cove in Laguna Beach – California - USA
Shaw's Cove - Laguna Beach – California - USA
Little Corona Beach - Corona Del Mar -California - USA
Utila - Honduras
Bonaire Island - Caribbean sea
Lembeh Strait - Indonesia
Sultanate of Oman
Dimaniyat Islands - Oman
Lembeh Island - Indonesia
Bohol Island – Philippines
Fiji Islands
Hulhule Island - Maldives
Misool - Raja Ampat - Indonesia
Chuuk Lagoon - New Guinea
Monastery Beach – Monterey -California
Hawai - USA
Lisboa - Portugal
Malaga - Spain
Ruidera Lakes -Spain
Lost Lake - Canada
Shaab Marsa Alam - Red Sea
La Jolla Shores Drive - San Diego – CA - USA
Coronados Islands – San Diego – CA – USA
Cologne - Germany
Long Island - Bahamas
Lechausee - Austria
Wyoming - USA
Nebraska – USA
Fort Collins - Colorado - USA
Curaçao - Venezuela
Stanwood – Washington -USA
Bunaken – Manado -Indonesia ‎
Dungeness Spit - Sequim – WA -United States
The Cape - Alicante - Spain 

Color Correction

Amazing work by Simon Domich - May 2014