HD Teaser is out ¡¡

Published on Apr 10, 2013

Filmmakers: Dirk Schories,Pau Estrada,mookie1k,Getawaymoments
Marlon R Nunez,Rick Morris,Nolan Grose,RoniRoni,Xavi Tello,Noam Myr,James escapingabroad.com,Sophie Goodall,Brian Nadwidny,Titouan Mathis,Mark Thorpe
Brian Nadwidny,sumogurinet,Andrew Newton,Bo Bridges

Music by Clarence Yapp https://soundcloud.com/epickayay-musi...

Edited and Postproducted by Rafa G. Sanchez
Audio Design and Mix : Juanpe Gimeno
Artwork and Logos : Raquel Martin
Producer and Footage Researcher: Xavi Tello
Produced by O3

All this work is licensed under creative commons