Test Screen

31st March World Wide Screen-Test for filmmakers and musicians.
Please contact us for the password and link




Next Step : Rights & Screen Test

Hi All.

This collective project joins a lot of great people.
So while we make the final mixing and master,
we have to contact all of you, make a personal contract to allow us to
use your footage and music. We don't want to use any material without the agreement of
his owners. Please Stand by and be patient.

And then we are going to make a screen test online for all contributors at the end of month
we want your opinion as you are part of this project. We will contact you.


57 Filmmakers & 11 Musicians


Brian Barth
Mario Brauer - Algoriddim
Colette's Bed &Breakfast
Sean Dollins
Joost Wenderich
Elisabeth Lauwerys - Oceans Below
Lisa Strohmayer - Ocean Profile
Khaled Sultani
Kevin C Glenn
Anita Ogg
Mladen and Vera Bolanca
Jorge Cosmen
Sandra & Denis
Davide De Benedictis
Denisse King
Dan Warter
Brian Nadwidny
Jonathan and Tracy Jennings
James - EscapingAbroad.com
Kimberly Fordbragd
Josue Silva
Bart Lukasik
Fernando TC
Sophie Goodall
Mario Albuquerque & Mafalda Oliveira - PROfundo
Henrik Hedegaard
Cinemapod Pictures
Karen Ihrig
David King
Lee Root
Sean Korbith
George Karellas
John Demshock
Nicolás Alcalá - El Cosmonauta
Mitch Kubic
Miguel Maldonado
Darryl Jensen
Andrew Orr
Adam Leroy Lawernce
Dirck Schories
Le Sergent
Jon Bondy
Cheryl Rampton
Pau Estrada
Panik Brothers Productions
Chad Burt
Marlon R Nunez
Thor Schosen
William Trubridge
Regina Reusch
Rafa G Sanchez
Xavi Tello


Kevin MacLeod
Luke Damrosch
Toni Higgins
Podington bear -Chad crouch
Kosta T
 Mitsuru Shimizu
Victor Álamo
Pablo Alles Romero
Sultan Khan
Clarence Yapp

Pd: This is the first list... could be more surprises ¡¡
We will publish all people who supports this film , even also their footage & music
hadn't been used in the final edition.

We will contact personally each of you.
We love you...

Sound design and 5.1 mixes

Now we are in the middle of the process of sound design and mixes.

The visual and edit rythm works, now we are making the union between sound and images to get a full experience to offer to you.

Thanks to all who is following our project and supporting us in some way, from film makers and  musicians to people who is waiting to see the final result.

Keep an eye on the web for future news.


Hi All ¡

Finally after three months, we have closed the edition.
As Music and Sound Design are 50% of the film, we are going to work on it, and works of video postproduction, next three months.

We expect to finish this project on Februrary 2014
We will contact all of you soon.

One year of production (from preproduction to exhibition), is a great success ¡¡

Thank you all
Without your help this project is impossible ¡¡

Best wishes
and good dives & music

pd: Intro Secuence - texture test by http://diwocoop.org/en/