New Ways of Exhibition

We are going to test to open new ways of distribution and exhibition.
Coming soon at your screens.

Thank you all for this incredible underwater trip 

At Indiewire

'Wildlike,' 'India's Daughters' and More Set for 2015 Bahamas International Film Festival...

WORLD CINEMA DOCUMENTARY (Sponsored by CornèrTrader)
"Gored" (USA, Spain) / Director: Ido Mizrahy
"New Cambodian" (Cambodia) / Director: Isabella Astengo
"When Voices Meet" (South Africa) / Director: Nancy Sutton Smith
"Every Child Counts" (Canada) / Director: Wendy Loten

Spots Creative Commons

 Tuesday 27th · 18:30h · "Dauntless Sally" & "Hydro"
Tuesday 27th · 20:30h · "Acqua" & "La Luz de Mafasca"
Wednesday 28th · 18:30h · "Ciudad XXI" y "Alpha"
Wednesday 28th · 20:30h · "Sikitiko - La Mano del Rey" & "Crudo Paraíso"

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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria CC Film Festival

Next 27th October. Free Entrance

Our best wishes for the Festival.
Thanks so much Filippo.
We will meet you next ¡

Prophetic Poster

 Our Telemaco continues his trip

CINECICLETA : The African Tour

Hydro joins CINECICLETA an amazing project to travel around africa with a 
non-electric cinema. Future dates of screening soon.
Our best wishes Carmelo & Isa.

Cali CC Film Festival - Colombia

“Compartir la mirada”
Proyección y conversatorio a modo de taller de la película colaborativa Hydro, dirigida por Xavi Tello y Rafa G. Sánchez. Es parte de las actividades del Creative Commons Cali Film Festival, que se llevará acabo del 21 al 24de octubre de 2015.
Coopera: Festival Creative Commons
Fecha: Domingo, 27 Jueves 
Hora: 5:00 p.m
Lugar: Tienda Nueva Luz, Vereda Peón